Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Make an Order

To reserve any beef, pork, or lamb, review the selections on the cut-sheets and share your choices with us.  When purchasing a half beef, you will receive a custom cut sheet to fill out the cuts of meat you want, including the size of each cut so that the final product is ready for a family of any size. Whether you order protein for yourself, or for a crowd, the way the meat is cut and packaged for you will help you cook meals faster and easier. 

Once your cut-sheet is submitted, mail a deposit to reserve your custom order. 

Typical deposit amounts are:

Beef $400 deposit per side 

Pork $100 deposit per side 
Lamb $50 deposit  

Order Information

Grass Finished vs. Pasture Finished Beef

Legacy Farms raises herds free from added hormones, steroids and antibiotics. The cattle on the farm benefits from rotational grazing system, producing high quality forages.

  •       Grass –finished beef is finished on a high quality balanced diet of  grasses and legumes. The flavor is one-of-a-kind and overall fat content is very lean.

  •     Pasture-finished beef is also finished on high quality forages as well as grain to increase marbling in the final beef product. 

Pricing Structure & Rail Weight

Formula: Rail Weight x price per pound = Final cost to consumer   

The average rail weight of a grass-fed Angus beef half is 250-300 lbs,  X $4.25 per lb

The average rail weight of Top Shelf Angus Beef half is 350-400 lbs X $3.95 per lb.

The average rail weight of Five Star Kobe Beef is 350-400 lbs X $4.99 per lb.

This includes processing cost.

* Rail weights and prices vary, so contact us for current prices.

When We Order 1/2 Beef, How Much Meat Will We Get?

The final amount of beef you put into your freezer depends upon the meat cuts that you select for processing and the actual ‘rail weight’ of the beef. During the butchering process, the beef loses moisture, fat, and bones. Overall, about 55-65% of the rail weight will be delivered to the consumer.

Formula: Rail weight of 300 lb of beef half x 65% final consumable meat = approximately 195 pounds 

The Dry Aging Process

Dry aging is the time period beef hangs vertically from a rail hook in a refrigerated cooler.  Temperature and humidity are controlled  to create the optimum environment for beef to be tenderized naturally. The entire process lasts about 10-14 days to achieve maximum aging and remarkable taste. 

How Much Freezer Space is Needed to Store Meat?

 Final meat cuts will be delivered to you completely frozen, so your freezer does 

not have to freeze all of the meat you receive, but it can keep it frozen. Each half 

of beef fills approximately 7.5 cubic feet 

of freezer space.  With a side of pork you will need 2.5 - 3 cubic feet of freezer space.

Why Buy from Legacy Farms

 We are blessed to have a multi-generation 

farm, where pasture land is abundant. We rotate cattle 

using a rotational grazing system, maximizing  high quality 

forages and food for the animals. 

  • Studies show that animals raised on pasture, have less fat and more Omega 3’s. 

  • Raising animals in our farm setting, results in both superior quality and taste of beef.

Can I Order 1/4 Beef?

We offer proteins to fit any size family or individual needs. Our custom beef order form allows you to select the best beef cuts to suit your needs. Smaller cuts of meat work well for individuals or families, and larger cuts packaged in a larger weight work well for larger families. Select from the following options:

  • Order ¼ beef of Farm Favorites cuts
  • Order a sample pack to taste and see the difference in farm-direct meats from Legacy Farms
  • Ask a friend, relative or neighbor to split ½ side of beef with you, both selecting final cuts you wish to order. A split side divides the beef’s front quarter and rear quarter into equal portions. When you reserve ½ beef, you will be able to fill out a custom cut sheet to choose the beef cuts that you want

Benefits of Buying from Legacy Farms

High Quality- We offer high quality grass-fed beef, pasture-finished beef, pasture pork, and pasture lamb finished on a forage diet of legumes and grasses. Fresh air, plenty of green pastures, and sunshine promote a healthy, stress-free lifestyle for our livestock, resulting in an unbeatable flavor and value for your family. 

Clean Products- Our beef, pork and lamb are finished without 

added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. When you buy from 

Legacy Farms, you can expect to get healthy, high-quality meats. 

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food- When you purchase meat from large chain stores, you may be uncertain as to the products 

you are receiving. When you purchase local pasture raised 

proteins from Legacy Farms, you are getting quality meats 

that are raised on the farm. 

Sustainable Farming Practices- We practice a sustainable approach to livestock management and land conservation. Our animals are rotated from one pasture to the next so they graze on clean, fresh grass. These practices provide quality forage stands that supply 

a well-balanced, nutritional diet for our animals, resulting in a 

healthy product with rich flavor. 

Cost Savings- When you purchase beef, pork & lamb in bulk, 

you are paying less money per pound than purchasing 

individual cuts from the grocer. 

Family Favorites- Ordering directly from the farm, you are able to specify cuts by customizing your meat choices to accommodate your family’s need. For beef you have many options that you can choose from: thickness of steaks, size of roast, more or less ground beef, and packaging options, etc. You may also choose favorite cuts of pork including brats, bacon, and steaks. 

Time Saver- Save fuel, time and energy by having farm-direct meats readily available to you from your well-stocked freezer. 

Support Local Business- When purchasing from our family, you are establishing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for your family while supporting farmers in your community. Enjoy products from our farm to your table knowing you are a conscience consumer. 

Pride in Our Products- We stand behind our products with pride, knowing that we are providing healthy pasture-raised protein for you and your family. 

Need More Info?

As working farmers, we aren’t always near the phone, 

while we tend to herds and fencing, but we are happy 

to respond to you as quickly as we can. 

Please contact us: 

Rich & Kariann Dryer

Legacy Farms 

5118 Calvey Creek Road

Robertsville, MO

Phone: 636-257-2560