Consumer Reviews


We are thankful to serve familes like yours. This is what they are saying about Legacy Farms.


We love Legacy Farms and their family. From simple ordering, delivery to our door and even helping get it all in the freezer, we got a fantastic product from a fabulous family!

Thank you, G. Smith

We have purchased grass finished beef, pasture-finished beef, and pasture-finished pork in the past, and this was the first time our family purchased the Kobe beef. We love it! Our seven year old son said that the first Kobe beef dish that I made was the best thing he had ever tasted. We have never been disappointed with any of the products Legacy Farms offers, and the customer service is fantastic. We are lifetime customers.

Sincerely, A. Gerrels

Holy COWS !!! I am so glad I found Legacy Farms. The quality of the meat is beyond my comprehension. They accommodated my special requests, and are so easy to work with. And to top it all off...they delivered to my house and even helped me carry it all inside to my deep freezer. FREAKING AWESOME !!!! I could not be happier, and am telling everyone about Legacy Farms.

Thanks, T. Hossfeld

The beef is fabulous and even delivered to our door!

With thanks, T. Benadetti

What I love most is this family. I don’t “know” them but have a love in my heart for the values they have. It’s great to find good people who you know are trustworthy, with integrity. They add a personal touch to every order and every email, they are like family. I feel like it is how life used to be before the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. And to boot, the meat is awesome. Thanks Kariann and Legacy Farms!

Thank you, R. Hoelscher

We love knowing we have a freezer full of the freshest beef available and that it supports a wonderful local family farm! 

Thank you, R. Davis

Legacy Farms provides a highest quality beef and the customer service to back it up. They even deliver! 

Thank you, Legacy Farms! N. Lyons

Very happy to finally have hormone free /antibiotic free meat for our family. 

With Thanks, A. Blumenkemper

We have been buying grass fed beef for about 4 years now from Legacy Farms. Our family loves to support our local farms/families and the beef has surpassed our expectations for taste. 

Thank you! K. Hopson

First, I love the fact that we are able to purchase such high quality meat from a local young Christian family farm rather than through a large corporate grocer. The convenience of having a side of beef in our freezer makes it easy to plan and prepare for not only our daily meals but also for our family get-togethers. As long as you continue to raise the beef and my family continues to eat it (which I know they will), we will continue to purchase it from you and Rich.  

Thank you, R. Burgess

Legacy Farms was very accommodating. They even delivered to our home due to a family emergency. We were very pleased with everything from the selection process to the product. Thanks! S. Monzyk

We have purchased pork and beef from legacy for the past few years. It's always superior quality and excellent value. We can feel confident that our family is eating healthy proteins and at a price that fits our budget. 

Thank you, G. Schmitz

We love our beef purchase from Legacy Farms and have told many people about it. 

Thanks! N. Schultz

It's wonderful knowing where our meat came from, that it was raised humanely and well cared for. We also love supporting such a wonderful family that truly cares about their animals and their community. Not to mention it's the best beef we've ever tasted!  

Sincerely, H. Meuer